D E T O U R / N O R T H

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It's History, It's Poetry

Hard-hitting, cut-throat, and more than a little sarcastic.  Detour North's debut studio album,  It's History, It's Poetry details the experiences of a young person's worst fears, masked by the band's signature charm and sense of humor.  In many ways, IHIP operates as a concept album, detailing the journey of a young man as he attempts to answer questions about himself by lashing out in all the wrong places.  From taking shots at the American education system down to the intimate details of finding one's own self-worth; IHIP takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions, from its light-hearted first act, to its heartbreaking second act, all the way to its cathartic finale.

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Poster Child for a Wasted Youth

Detour North's 2015 EP,  Poster Child for a Wasted Youth introduced the world to DN's mind.  In a five-song mess of frustration, laughter, and youthful arrogance; Detour North knowingly prods all the pressure points of life post-high school.  First heartbreak, leaving for college, losing people you cared about, and getting smacked in the face with reality.  Poster Child for a Wasted Youth's cover-art speaks for itself.

From Your Basement Speakers Cover.jpg

From Your Basement Speakers

Detour North's 2012 demo tape that started it all.  The boys found their footing with this short and sweet classic pop-punk outing.  Three fun songs about being a kid that's angry at the world.  The band's voice and originality would only grow from here on the records to follow, but it's always nice to listen back to the days when they were just four high school kids in a basement.